Friday, October 9, 2009

Isle au Haut Songbird Report -- September 24, 2009

This morning dawned overcast and mild with a light northwest wind. Driving down Isle au Haut did not produce any birds, so it seemed things haven’t changed much from yesterday. Our second net round yielded two Blackpoll Warblers which seem to be pre-disposed to finding out nets. What is interesting is that we have yet to get a recapture (a bird that we have previously banded), implying these birds are likely passing through. Their fat loading is quite high relative to other species and they are showing fat in the abdominal region. The wind picked up at about 09:30 and by 10:00 it was gusting to 15 mph. Herring Gulls were taking advantage of the lively air and soaring right over the banding station. What we were missing for birds was replaced by insects – esp. wasps and dragonflies that were getting entangled in the nets. By the time we closed the nets at 12:30, it was feeling like a warm summer day. Hoping for a big front out of the northwest for tomorrow!

By Ken Wright
Photo by Ken Wright

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